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Driving Digital Payroll Tax Compliance with Efficiency Amidst Uncertainty

1Staff by Professional Advantage & Greenshades Partner Webinar.

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances this live webinar won’t be broadcast on Thursday.  Instead we’ll release a recording for you to listen to at your convenience.  If you would like a copy of this recording please email 1Staff@profad.com.


Are you a Staffing Firm operating in the multiple states?
Then this webinar is for you.



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  • Local Tax Compliance, Conquered
  • Employee Payroll Tax Payments, Controlled
  • Boost Efficiency & Effectiveness


With more temporary, contingent assignments being remote, the chances of an assignment place of work and remote working address being across states or city lines is higher than ever. These boundaries can impact pay rates, overtime, tax, and leave entitlements. For many staffing organizations they’re manually addressing these factors now. Operating with a system that only allows them to track one work site address at a time, keeping track of local codes via spreadsheets and trying to meet deadlines all the while staying compliant can be a nightmare.

Does these challenges sound familiar? Professional Advantage and Greenshades Software have partnered together to automate these processes and remove the many complexities surrounding employing temporary/contingent workers across jurisdictional boundaries.

During this webinar we’re not only going to talk about how it works, but more importantly we’ll show you. We’ll dive into how your staffing firm can process a large payroll with a mix of employee/worksite addresses, and how it can go straight to Microsoft Dynamics GP payroll. We’ll also show you just how easy it is to electronically file, track and report payroll taxes.

Webinar Presenters

Marie Williams

Account Manager at Professional Advantage

David Graening

Senior Consultant at Professional Advantage

Molly Van Kampen

Chief Evangelist at Greenshades Software

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