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Power to you! The Microsoft Power Platform powers 1Staff, powers staffing.

Why do you need a Virtual Assistant or 1Staff Chat Bot?

Prospective candidates:

Personal Assistant integrated into your website, mobile, portals, outbound communications providing a broad range of staffing focused scenarios (e.g. seeking work, managing an application, registering interest, onboarding, discovering branch hours).

Internal Assistants:

Say a Voice and Text enabled branded Employee Assistant experiences integrated into enterprise devices and existing conversation canvases (e.g. Teams, WebChat, Slack) enabling employees to manage their calendars, find available meeting rooms, find people with specific skills, or perform staffing related operations.

1Staff self serve portal

Benefits of implementing a virtual assistant for your staffing agency.

A virtual assistant can increase the responsiveness and provide instant engagement with your target audience. It can help your talent and prospects find your website quickly and easier 24 hours a day. It can save your staff time answering repetitive questions, measure engagement satisfaction and can meet your audiences expectations.

Read our blog which highlights the eight benefits of implementing a 1Staff Chat Bot virtual assistant for your staffing agency.

Want to find out more? Watch a short demo video.

PART 1 – Create, Manage and Deploy 1Staff Virtual Assistant

How to incorporate, create, manage and deploy a virtual assistant into 1Staff Staffing Software.

PART 2 – Deploying your Virtual Assistant in Your Channels

Virtual Personal Assistants can be integrated into your website, mobile, portals and outbound communications.

PART 3 – Manage and Measure your Virtual Assistant Performance with Analytics

Get a comprehensive set of analytics that show you the key performance indicators for your bot.

Why Power Platform.

Deliver a conversational assistant tailored to their brand, personalized to their users, and made available across a broad range of devices and channels.

Virtual Assistant Power Platform
Save for Channels

1Staff and Microsoft strongly believe our customers should own and enrich their customer relationships and insights. The Power Platform democratizes the design and deployment of your virtual assistant allowing non-technical users to design test and deploy virtual assistants from with a governed framework.

All aspects of the end user experience are owned and controlled by you. This includes the branding, name, voice, personality, responses, and avatar. The source code to the Virtual Assistant and supporting Skills are provided in full, enabling you to adjust as required.

Fully integrated to 1Staff. Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant architecture is flexible and can be integrated into 1Staff but also with existing investments you may have made into device-based speech or natural language processing capabilities that integrate with your existing back-end systems and APIs.

Our Virtual Assistant solution simplifies creation of your own assistant enabling you to get started in minutes and then extended using the power platforms extensive capabilities, templates, prebuilt analytics, and integrations.

Apply reusable conversational skills. These Skills can be added into a conversational application to lighten up a specific conversation experience, such as finding a point of interest, interacting with calendar, tasks, email and many other scenarios.

The Virtual Assistant solution is built on the Azure Bot Service, Language Understanding Cognitive Service, and Unified Speech along with a broad set of supporting Azure components. This means that you benefit from the Azure global infrastructure, including ISO 27018, HIPPA, PCI DSS, and SOC 1, 2, and 3 certifications.

Getting Started

Talk to 1Staff, we can tailor an approach to get you going. Simply start free with the Microsoft Power Platform. We have a templated integration, topics ready for you to fast start. With Power Virtual Agents you can in one click deploy a demonstration to allow your team and or a focus group to test and provide feedback so you can design and refine.

Try out the chatbot we made

Comprehensive Analytics

You get a comprehensive set of analytics that show you the key performance indicators for your bot. Multiple charts show you trends and usage for your bot’s topics. These charts use AI to highlight the topics that have the greatest impact on your bot’s performance.

Analytics for Virtual Assistant
Comprehensive set of analytics

Have access to online resources, communities and user groups to skill up, and support your knowledge and inhouse capabilities.

1Staff Virtual Assistant

If you’d like to find out more about Microsoft Power Apps and 1Staff Virtual Assistant contact your Account Manager or go to our contact page.

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