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To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?
Do not let that be a question!

These are extraordinary times we find ourselves in and they are most likely going to bring opportunities to back office operations: specifically, payroll and financial reporting.

Imagine this…

July 1st, 2020 the government and investor, audit & industry analysts release their final requirements for payroll and financial reporting as a result of COVID-19. These changes are possibly expensive for failure to comply. You and your team meet to discuss the necessary steps to be ready for these changes and the realization hits that Microsoft’s year-end update will not be supplied to your organization.

Preparing for Upgrade

If you’re thinking about upgrading 1Staff Back Office read our short guide beforehand to help get you prepared.

What?!? Why?!? How?!?

The very real “what” in this case is that Microsoft announced that they will no longer offer mainstream support for GP 2015 for any upgrades or changes that are developed for Dynamics GP, including their tax updates. This was effective on April 14, 2020. On April 8, 2025 extended support availability will cease.

The “why” of it is software companies, including ones with the resources like Microsoft, cannot afford (money and manpower) to continually update multiple legacy versions of their product sets. It is simply not feasible and potentially detrimental to their client’s interests and success.

The “how” is a long list including potential infrastructure updates that you may not have planned for. The Dynamics GP upgrade checklist can give you all the intel (and more) that you need to know. Here at Professional advantage, Claudia Amparan (one of our lead project managers) has outlined the PA process for accomplishing that check list.

The example of having to upgrade from GP 2015 in conjunction with COVID-19 is a bit extreme – the perfect storm if you will – but the points are still valid.

  • Do not box yourself in a corner or be unable to take advantage of the newest trends in technology by not upgrading the tool that runs your business. Just imagine not being able to pay your consultants or invoice your clients or report that activity to those that consume that activity.
  • Budget for software upgrades and infrastructure changes EVERY year. Being prepared can take the emergency out of most emergencies.
  • Do not wait!!! Upgrades can take several months particularly if you have customizations or infrastructure changes. It will not get any easier. I promise!

Microsoft Dynamics GP Upgrade Today!

If you’re considering upgrading from an earlier Dynamics GP version, now is the time to start planning. You can speak to your Account Manager today to begin the process by calling 1 (877) 897-1209 or fill out the form on teh link below.

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