Using Insight to Search for candidates?

Search across your internal database and external sources.

Access Data from Anywhere

Get access from phone, tablet, or PC. To save time, contact candidates directly from the search window via phone, email, or SMS message.

Qualify candidates and get them to work using 1Staff’s world class compliance and onboarding system. Did you know that by using electronic documents candidates can sign agreements using their mobile device?

SMS to stay in touch

Accelerate communication using bi-directional text messaging and use candidates’ replies to drive your hiring process. Target availability and interest based on replies, or use 1Staff to automatically fill a shift.

SMS to stay in touch

Fast, Efficient, and Secure

Putting the right people to work quickly is the name of the game.
Our clients tell us, “1Staff Compliance and onboarding is head and shoulders above anything else in the market”.

Easily manage multiple clients, job roles, states, and worksites by automating steps for signatures, certifications, reference checks, drug screens, etc.

1Staff remembers and pre-qualifies previous candidates, leaving them to complete only applicable tasks.


No longer live in fear of an audit

Eliminate all those spreadsheets and folders of paper. 1Staff securely stores and properly categorizes relevant documents.

Resume Parsing

Automatically parse resumes from dozens of different formats including Word, Google Docs, Text, PDF files, and many more.

Collect contact information and populate education, employment history, references, and a list of skills you control.

1Staff displays the original resume and captures the relevant details in searchable system fields.

1Staff also supports blind/formatted resumes and has automated attachment functionality for certifications and other documentation.

Resume Parsing

Candidate Sourcing

Use 1Staff’s Broadbean integration and post to thousands of different job boards. Candidates automatically get added to 1Staff, and relevant job applications are created.