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About 1Staff

1Staff is the leading enterprise staffing and recruitment solution designed to fully leverage the Microsoft platform. Built to fit the unique needs of the staffing industry, 1Staff Front Office is powered by Dynamics 365, an intelligent CRM and ERP platform used by millions around the world.

1Staff Front Office will help your sales people find and service clients, help your recruiters manage candidates and fill jobs quicker and help your compliance team drive efficiencies and de-risk the onboarding process.
1Staff Back Office is built on Microsoft Dynamics GP, a powerful pay/bill and financial (GL/AP) system.

1Staff Back Office will help your workforce capture their time, help finance smooth the pay/bill process and help the executive control and grow the business.

Helping our customers achieve more with technology

Our knowledge of the staffing industry helps your business achieve more from your Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance strategy.  With 1Staff Analytics, Microsoft Power BI and 1Staff Planning we will integrate your operational and financial planning and analysis perspectives and give you a complete view of performance, now and future, driving your growth and acquisition strategies.

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About the Conference

The SIA Executive Forum is a premier annual event where all leading executives meet, if you need to discuss your Staffing Business needs you can book a convenient meeting with one of our experienced Staffing professionals.


News from 1Staff by Professional Advantage

How to spot a phishing email

How to spot a phishing email SECURITY & COMPLIANCE | 1STAFF STAFFING SOFTWARE TEAMWhile an organization’s employees are its most valued asset, they are also, potentially, its weakest link in the area of IT security defence framework (technology, policy...

What happens if your colleagues get sick?

What happens if your colleagues get sick?

What happens if your colleagues get sick? One of the most immediate things you can do to protect against this is to start building out some process and procedural documentation.

Webinar COVID-19. How to Prepare.

Webinar COVID-19. How to Prepare.

RECORDED WEBINAR. How 1Staff Customers are Preparing for COVID-19. We realize that everything has changed for all of us in ways that no one could have imagined only days, not even weeks ago and everyone is working on finding a new normal.

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