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Recruitment Analytics for the Staffing Industry with 1Staff Staffing Software.

Embedded, interactive dashboards visually organize and prioritize data from multiple sources.

Use Insight to Drive Action.

Empower your team with role-tailored dashboards that combine multiple interactive graphs and data grids. Create new dashboards in minutes. Each user sees filtered data that is relevant to them or their team. Turn information into action with real-time sales, marketing, recruiting, onboarding, and back office data that is prioritized in one place.

Monitor and measure to lift performance

Monitor and measure to lift performance

Establish goals and targets then leverage graphs and dashboards to monitor your team’s performance.

Easily create and adapt recruiting and sales processes and monitor exactly each stage.

Identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your system by tracking the steps or people that slow down the process.


Margin Analysis and Commissions

Track your actual margins by accurately accounting for all costs.
Use the built-in US/Canadian payroll to calculate margin on all payroll costs after gross-to-net-calculations are complete.

Include drug, background checks, or other expenses with the option to bill-back-direct to the client.

1Staff supports flexible multi-tiered commission structures.  Utilize a standard plan or mix and match commission plans as needed.

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