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6 Ways to Evaluate Staffing Software

Choosing ERP software is a major decision for your organization. Software that automates critical business processes require special attention since it will become woven into your company practices.

Staffing Software will define the way in which you do business, whether its transactions executed, data collected and analyzed or reports generated and goals established.

Here are 6 ways to evaluate staffing software.

1. Include All Relevant People in the Evaluation Process

Evaluating staffing software is not an easy job for any one person to take on alone. Instead, it’s best to get all forces involved – top executives, mid-level managers, and end-users, ensuring the wants and needs of all users are addressed.

2. Do Your Homework

  • Validate the staffing software has the functionality to meet your business needs.
  • Check to ensure the staffing software can be implemented with other software solutions.
  • Ensure Usability. Have a staffing software specialist answer specific questions related to your current system(s) needs.

3. Identify Your Wants and Needs

Spend time with various departments to come up with a list of product features you must have and features that may or may not be necessary.

4. Ask Key Questions Develop a decision matrix that can be used to evaluate various staffing software solutions. To ensure the best possible results for your organization, it’s important to know what you want and what you can afford. Staffing software specialists will work toward finding the best possible solutions for your organization’s goals.

It’s important to ask a staffing software specialist during the evaluation process as many questions as possible. Download the complete staffing software guide on “6 Ways to Evaluate Staffing Software” to view 10 key questions to ask your staffing software specialist.

5. Conduct Product and Company Research

The internet is the best place to find out as much information as you can about a staffing software company and their software solutions. You may not find all specifications, but you can get a pretty good idea about product features, functionality, support, training, etc. A few important pages to visit on each software provider’s website are:

  • Customer Success Stories/Case Studies
  • Product Descriptions & Demonstration Videos
  • Company Blog
  • News/Press Information
  • About Us/Why Choose Us
  • Resource Library – brochures/guides

6. Request a Software Demonstration

Have a staffing software provider demonstrate the product for both the project team and executive team. The goal here is not only to see the technical features in action, it is also important to hear how they will help you achieve your technical, financial, and business goals. A software demonstration is an essential part of the software evaluation process.

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