Professional Placement Staffing Software

1Staff Staffing Software Solution for Professional Placements

Are you a Staffing Firm specializing in Professional Placements?

As a comprehensive end‑to‑end staffing solution, 1Staff Staffing Software delivers everything from resume parsing to financial report generation. Being customizable, 1Staff allows authorized users to create custom workflows, dashboards, forms and reports.

When users post job orders on the internet, 1Staff identifies the relevant skills from the submitted resumes. 1Staff’s Broadbean integration can also post to thousands of job boards and automatically add candidates to 1Staff in the form of applications. Candidates can also be found easily with candidate search.

Security & Privacy

For staffing firms specializing in professional placements, business processes need to meet high standards of security and privacy.

Fully Customizable

1Staff is fully customizable, allowing recruitment professionals to create custom workflows, dashboards, forms and reports.

Full Integration

Signatures for placement contracts are easily obtained via the electronic signature system DocuSign, part of the 1Staff solution.

Developed with Security in Mind

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics® platform, 1Staff features a range of rules, restrictions, protocols, and workflows to ensure data relating to the hiring process is only accessible by approved users.

At a time when sensitive job candidate data is commonly stored and accessed through mobile phones and other portable internet connected devices, it is now more important than ever to safeguard this information.

Find out more about Compliance

Users can email candidates and customers through Outlook and all conversations are automatically tracked against their contact record in 1Staff. With 1Staff, sales staff and recruiters can keep on top of all their clients with advanced CRM functionality, and marketing campaigns.

1Staff has full integration with Microsoft SharePoint®. Back office operations are also well supported by 1Staff. For payroll administrators and billing specialists, 1Staff delivers improved efficiencies when dealing with time entry, payroll, and invoices. 1Staff tracks all expenses, pays bills and generates sales reports.

1Staff’s Daxtra integration allows for search across a broad range of candidate sources, keeping the applicant pool full with scheduled watchdog searches that notify you of new candidates.

Are you looking for a Staffing Solution for the Professional Placement Industry?

Front Office Staffing Software

1Staff Front Office is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365), an intelligent CRM and ERP platform used by millions around the world.

Back Office Staffing Software

1Staff Back Office is powered by Microsoft Dynamics GP, a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Business Intelligence for Staffing

1Staff Analytics, Planning, and Power BI. Report, plan and analyze in a single platform..

Advanced CRM Functionality

1Staff staffing software enables you to build strong relationship with your customers, take actions based on insights, and close job orders faster. This ATS is built on a true CRM platform giving your business developers the tools to nurture their sales from a lead to a job order. To top it off you can also easily create marketing lists and campaigns based on your everchanging market.

Unparalleled Compliance

1Staff is an industry leader in compliance. It guides you through the onboarding process and can automatically triggers steps required by specific staffing agencies and/or customers. The 1Staff employee portal not only makes it easy to search for jobs, but also securely manages and processes your compliance items, W4, and personal information (including contact details).

1Staff’s got you Covered

We want to help you reduce the manual handling of timesheets, so 1Staff makes it quick and easy to enter time with flexible imports from time clocks, VMS, and other systems. Web and mobile time entry and approval, with email approval with multiple formats. You can even set different timesheet periods and you configurable OT rules calculations.

Scale to High Volumes

With 1Staff staffing software you get unlimited invoice frequencies and formats, and can automatically attach timesheet and receipt images. Do you have multiple brands? No problem, multiple logos/layouts can be used in the same 1Staff company.

Want more Information about 1Staff ?

For many professional staffing firms across the North America, 1Staff is boosting efficiency, increasing productivity, generating insights, maximizing margins and improving cash flow. Whether you are looking for a full suite of functionality or a robust front office or back office to integrate with your existing solution, 1Staff has you covered.

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