3 ways to make an app with Power Apps from Microsoft.

Did you know the 1Staff Front Office foundation is the Microsoft Power Platform!

Gone are the days when application development is solely a skill for IT developers. Microsoft Power Platform has paved the way for empowering even business users to design and build their own apps using its no-code to low-code technology. This enables citizen developers to build agile business processes to streamline, automate, and modernize apps in their organization.

Microsoft Power Apps have pre-built templates that allow users to drag and drop their app components, allowing for no-coding and rapid app development experience.

To get you started, here are three easy ways to make an app in Power Apps:

Begin with a clean slate.

If you prefer to start from scratch, you can begin with either canvas apps, model-driven app, or portal. Canvas apps is used for bespoke interface, allowing you to model your app the way you want it. Model-driven apps leverage the existing data model of your core business data and processes. This option already provides your app with responsive user interface. Portals allow you to create public-facing websites for external users.

Start from data.

Power Apps gives you the flexibility to choose from hundreds of possible data source options. From the staffing software solution, 1Staff Front Office, Microsoft-based or third-party solutions, to custom APIs and data gateways. Some of the widely known sources are:

  • 1Staff Front Office
  • Productivity solutions such as Microsoft Excel Online, SharePoint, Teams, Microsoft 365, Power BI, Slack, etc.
  • ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, etc.
  • CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Salesforce.
  • Database platforms like SQL Server.
  • Social media platforms like Twitter.

Dataflex (formerly known as Common Data Service or CDS) is also another option. It is the data storage and management layer, but is part of the premium feature of Power Platform.

Start from template.

Does your staffing firm have a vision to automate your repetitive, but crucial business processes?  Short of time to customize or start from scratch?  You can use templates available in Power Apps. Whether it’s a function-related or a staffing industry-specific process, you can find many ready-made templates in Power Apps to get you up to speed in developing your unique app.

We hope this blog inspires you to take a closer look at Power Apps.  With Power Apps you can quickly automate your business processes, without expensive licenses or complex and lengthy IT projects.

While 1Staff Front Office provides all your staffing needs, custom Power Apps can provide you the ultimate flexibility with your own unique apps.  Both offer high touch and automated processes across your corporate enterprise.  Engaging any audience from prospective candidates, those on assignment, customers and vendors. For example, Data Recognition, Expense Tracking, Surveying, or a Portal.  Power Apps allows staffing firms to focus on addressing the key business needs without relying on a plethora of 3rd parts applications, or burdensome rigid development. Projects should deliver an ROI within weeks!

Got different apps in mind? No problem! Let’s discuss how we can assist you with your business process automation needs.

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