Moving to the cloud with Microsoft Azure Migrate.


Microsoft Azure Migrate is here to simplify your migration. 

It can assess on-premises workloads, including servers, databases, virtual desktops, and data. The assessment will determine performance requirements and, in some cases, cost estimates for migrated workloads.

Azure Migrate: How do we get there?.

Microsoft Azure Migrate is your central hub for cloud migration projects. It allows you to manage every aspect of the migration process you can track and manage migration in the Azure Portal. Find out more about Microsoft Azure Cloud Services & 1Staff Staffing Software.

Azure App Service Migration Assistant for web application migration.

This tool evaluates your current applications and provides a report on compatibility with Azure App Service, including recommendations on remediation steps before migration. Azure App Service Migration Assistant automates the migration of your .NET and PHP applications and walks you through the migration process.

You can quickly create and deploy critical web apps at scale using your preferred technology stack and enjoy the benefits of a fully managed platform. Differentiate through great web experiences and never again worry about managing your application infrastructure.

Azure Database Migration Service for database migration.

Azure SQL Database is an intelligent, scalable cloud database service that provides the broadest SQL Server engine compatibility. You can leverage its unparalleled security and performance in a fully managed environment that supports your most important business applications.

Once app migration is complete, Azure Database Migration Service enables seamless migration of databases to the cloud with minimal downtime. This tool assesses on-premises databases, uploads the results to Azure Migrate Hub, and generates a report on migration readiness, including the ideal Azure SQL Database target based on user needs.

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Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Our Azure specialist can help you assess, plan, deploy, optimize, and support your Azure environment. Backed by more than two decades of cloud consulting expertise, we have assisted businesses to maximize their subscription benefit to its full potential.

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Managed Services with Professional Advantage

Managed Services takes the complexity out of managing your IT infrastructure. You could have all the support you need with our Managed IT Services team who can can proactively manage and support your IT environment.

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Cloud and Infrastructure for your Staffing Business

Cloud and Infrastructure for your Staffing Business. We understand the importance of having a reliable IT infrastructure, ensuring a smooth business operation.

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