Case Study – The Ian Martin Group

Embracing Technology to Drive Innovation.

Founded in 1957, the Ian Martin Group has a long, trusted history of Engineering, IT, and Technical recruitment, contract management, and payroll service excellence. Over the last few years, we’ve grown into a family of companies that provide specialized hiring support across a broad range of industries.


The Ian Martin Group


Specialized hiring support


1Staff Planning powered by Kepion

The Ian Martin Group – Karen Mann, Chief Financial Officer.

Part 1.
Diverse business models and brands for the staffing industry.

Part 2.
What processes are you currently addressing with 1Staff Planning powered by Kepion.

Part 3.
Why real time budgeting and forecasting is important for staffing organizations.

Part 4.
Two examples of reacting quickly to data with 1Staff Planning.

Part 5.
Why is driver based planning critical to staffing.

In order to be the best company that you can be, you need the best data and you need that to be real time data. You can’t get stale, you need to react to things that are around you and being able to do that quickly and with good, reliable real time information is really important I think for company success. 
Karen Mann

The Ian Martin Group

Part 6.
Who at Ian Martin Benefits from 1Staff Planning.

Part 7.
Why did 1Staff Planning stand out when evaluating budgeting forecasting & reporting solutions.

Part 8.
How much time does it take now to design your annual budget vs what you envision with 1Staff Planning.

Rather than having employees spend time pulling information together. I’d rather have people spend their time with the information. If they have a report that just gives them the information and an easy to read, easy to understand format, then they can spend time on more value.
Karen Mann

The Ian Martin Group

Part 9.
How do you envision individuals outside of the finance team using 1Staff Planning.

Part 10.
Experience working with Professional Advantage and next steps.

About 1Staff Staffing Software?

1Staff is the leading staffing software and recruitment solution that fully leverages the Microsoft Dynamics platform

1Staff Front Office is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform and will help your sales people find and service clients, help your recruiters manage candidates and fill jobs quicker and help your compliance team drive efficiencies and de-risk the onboarding process.


1Staff Back Office is powered by Microsoft Dynamics GP, a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Helping staffing organizations gain greater control over their financials and operations, allowing them to improve insight and better manage their primary business drivers.

Business Intelligence for Staffing Software Streamline your decision making with business analytics and business intelligence. What if you could report, plan and analyze in a single platform?

It’s never been easier to get started.

Find out more about 1Staff Planning powered by Kepion. Integrating Business Intelligence and Business Planning for the Staffing Industry.

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The Professional Advantage Difference

Professional Advantage has been a multi awarded Microsoft Presidents Club Member and Microsoft Certified Partner for many years, providing software solutions underpinned by Microsoft Dynamics GP and D365/CRM platforms.

With 6,000 customers globally, our focus has always been to help our clients use technology to enable high performing workplaces.