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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

Have you updated your Microsoft Dynamics CRM lately? With the release of the Unified Interface, Microsoft has empowered it's users to take a powerful step towards an enhanced client and candidate experience. Unified Interface is the new metadata driven...

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Ready for business transformation?

 What type of transformation should you expect from your business? We’ve been helping staffing firms with technology for the last 15 years.  No one is more excited about transformation, and we have seen a lot. So what happens to your business when you transition...

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7 ways to transform your staffing agency

Time and time again leaders in the staffing industry talk about the same problems.  Some transform themselves using technology, others battle on.  I’m still surprised by the number of staffing firms not leveraging the right technology.   Some are stuck on the hamster...

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Are your high performers on the hamster wheel?

Is your business focused on spinning and lubricating the hamster wheel? Or are your teams focused on making timely and effective decisions which impact your profitability? I was recently explaining to a team of new recruits what it is like for organizations who have...

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