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Voice of the Customer Surveys

With 1Staff, Voice of the Customer surveys can be used to communicate with your candidates or customers, enabling you and your team to: Build your own surveys with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface Use workflows to automatically trigger surveys or send them...

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1Staff Texting Phone Interface

In 18.4, 1Staff will include a preview feature for SMS Messaging. This one-minute video shows how you can use a phone-like interface, inside of 1Staff and Dynamics 365, to easily interact with your candidates and customers. SMS Messages can be...

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Creating Workflows with 1Staff

Dynamics 365 has a powerful and flexible Workflow engine that 1Staff customers can use to automate their business processes without custom development. In this case, 1Staff has a Business Process Flow to control all of the recruiting steps in a 180 degree...

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Universal Submittal Sendouts

1Staff can help you improve your fill rates by being the first to submit qualified candidates to your customers. 'Universal Submittals' also allow you to send a branded, or blind, resume along with any supporting documentation your customer requires. In...

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