Commercial Staffing Software

1Staff Staffing Software for staffing firms specializing in commercial staffing. Helping you fill jobs quicker with the best-qualified candidates

How can 1Staff Staffing Software help your Commercial staffing business.

Fast & Efficient

If you need to place a several hundred-strong workforce for an immediate assignment, you can’t afford to be slowed down by inefficient and error prone business processes.

Check Qualifications

1Staff allows industrial staffing firms to find qualified candidates quickly and sort through resumes thoroughly. Background and certification checks can all be speedily carried out using 1Staff.

Electronic Signatures

Staffing agencies can easily obtain and store electronic DocuSign signatures in 1Staff. With 1Staff, recruiters can meet tight onboarding deadlines.

Fully Customizable

1Staff is fully configurable, allowing users with the right security permissions to create custom workflows, dashboards, forms and reports.  When users post an open position on the internet and receive resumes from applicants, 1Staff identifies keywords from the resumes and tracks each stage of progress through the hiring cycle.

With 1Staff, sales and recruiters can keep on top of all their customers and candidates with advanced CRM functionality and marketing campaigns. Users can also email candidates and customers through Outlook, and automatically log all conversations in 1Staff.

Automate onboarding cycle

Streamline Processes

1Staff automates the entire onboarding cycle. Periods of peak demand (e.g., Friday at 5pm or Monday at 8am) can be accommodated without creating bottlenecks that slow the process. With 1Staff, processes become streamlined, allowing staffing professionals to focus their attention where it’s needed most.

1Staff can also help streamline the pay/bill and back office processes for light industrial and other types of commercial staffing. If a client requires paper timesheets for approval, 1Staff can capture an image of the timesheet and attach it and any other related documents to an invoice. Time can also come into 1Staff from an electronic file import for time kept in Excel, time clocks or timekeeping systems.

Are you looking for a Staffing Solution for Commercial Staffing?

Front Office Staffing Software

1Staff Front Office is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365), an intelligent CRM and ERP platform used by millions around the world.

Back Office Staffing Software

1Staff Back Office is powered by Microsoft Dynamics GP, a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Business Intelligence for Staffing

1Staff Analytics, Planning, and Power BI. Report, plan and analyze in a single platform..

Want more Information about 1Staff ?

For many commercial staffing firms 1Staff is boosting efficiency, increasing productivity, generating insights, maximizing margins, and improving cash flow. Whether you are looking for a full suite of functionality, or a robust front office or back office to integrate with your existing solution, 1Staff has you covered.

Staffing & recruitment software for the growing staffing agency

1Staff is the leading enterprise staffing and recruitment solution designed to fully leverage the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Built to fit the unique needs of the staffing industry, 1Staff Front Office is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, an intelligent CRM and ERP platform used by millions around the world.

1Staff Front Office will help your sales people find and service clients, help your recruiters manage candidates and fill jobs quicker and help your compliance team drive efficiencies and de-risk the onboarding process.

1Staff Back Office is built on Microsoft Dynamics GP, a powerful pay/bill and financial (GL/AP) system. 1Staff Back Office will help your workforce capture their time, help finance smooth the pay/bill process and help the executive control and grow the business.

Your System, Your Way…You can choose to implement the full suite of functionality, or the Front Office or Back Office independently and integrate them to your existing systems.

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