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The answer is yes. In the past several years staffing firms we’ve spoken to have made it their goal to automate their sales and onboarding process. Those companies we’ve seen go through with automating their process instead of manually sharing documents have benefited two-fold.

It’s a big leap for many companies to fathom. For some it can mean many unknowns and technological hurdles, but it is an attainable goal with the right tools.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself when considering going paperless:

1. How much time is your manual onboarding costing your company?

When you send, check, follow up on candidates what is this costing you in terms of both time and money? How often do things get lost? Are important files floating in emails, or stored where only you can find them? After all, email and file sharing is where information goes to die.

In the staffing business, we have so much documentation to keep track of. Going digital, allows your company to take back those lost hours tracking down paperwork and use them for building better relationships with candidates and clients.

2. Is your entire team on the same page?

The pun is intended. With electronic signatures, your team will actually be on the same page when it comes to your documents.  With Electronic Signatures documents you can now easily uploaded, send and even view the status of documents.  The system will even send a reminder email for you if a candidate or client hasn’t signed.    In an industry where every detail counts, you want your team on the same page not only so you save time and money, but so you stay secure and compliant.

3. Do you want to change now?

If you are ready to bring your staffing agency into the 21st century, 1Staff is ready to help you get there. 1Staff’s DocuSign integration can help your staffing firm streamline your sales,  onboarding, and compliance processes.  With 1Staff staffing firms can create an unlimited number of compliance packages, and set different triggers to fire the right DocuSign documents throughout the onboarding process.

In seconds, your staffing firms standard onboarding docs or specific documents for customers, positions, states, worksites, or even different types of associate (W2 vs 1099) can be sent to the right candidate.  Once signed a documents can also be automatically stored in the right Contact, Candidate or Account folder and only viewed by those with the right permissions.

Benefits to using electronic and automated onboarding:

  • Reduce shipping and mailing costs
  • Reduce administrative time
  • Shorten onboarding time
  • Ensuring documents are filled out properly and no required fields are missing
  • Visibility as to who sees which document and when they see it
  • Sign from tablets or phones
  • Attach scanned images or a photo (i.e. a driver’s license)

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Can Your Staffing Business Change to Electronic Signatures?

Interested in 1Staff?

Learn more about how 1Staff can improve your staffing business.