Benefits of Microsoft Customer Voice for your staffing agency.

1Staff Survey Satisfaction and Sentiment Analysis.

Power to you! The Microsoft Power Platform powers 1Staff, powers staffing.

Microsoft Customer Voice.

Stay connected to your customers with 1Staff Survey Satisfaction and Sentiment Analysis. Deploy a 1Staff Customer or Talent Voice Survey to gain feedback and insight. Some of the benefits include:

Microsoft Customer Voice 1

Easily create personalized surveys. Deliver engaging surveys to talent and customers with ready to use templates that include question sets, workflows, and report and branding configuration. You can embed visuals and video to create intuitive consumer grade experiences.

Microsoft Customer Voice 2

Measure staffing organizations engagement satisfaction. Measure sentiment, and response rates in real time, to build richer, long lasting value driven relationships.

Microsoft Customer Voice 3

Track your business perception. Throughout the talent and customer journeys you can track satisfaction metrics, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Microsoft Customer Voice 4

Take timely action. Respond to issues by setting up ranges and triggers to receive automatic alerts when a NPS reaches a certain level. The alert dashboard displays who need attention and their reason for dissatisfaction, enabling businesses to track follow up status across the organization and maintain strong customer relationships.

Microsoft Customer Voice 5

Listening to customers. Meet them where it matters: in direct surveys and across channels, and throughout their interactions with your employees, operations, and services.

Microsoft Customer Voice 6

Built-in integration. Get a 360-degree customer view across your staffing software, 1Staff and Dynamics 365 platform. Centralizing feedback is critical to truly understanding how your customers and talent feel about your business. Survey invites and responses can be viewed across the business, at the contact or account level placed in context of all your other 1Staff business activity.

Microsoft Customer Voice 7

Accurately gauge the pulse of your customer’s satisfaction. With a variety of feedback collection channels, such as embedded surveys in websites, personalized links, and QR codes, you can build context around survey responses with AI detection, sentiment analysis, and comment categorization to foster authentic connections.

Microsoft Customer Voice 8

Scale customer data collection. With continuous data updates, branching, and emoticon responses you can track your business’ performance and customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Customer Voice 9

Digitize processes. Automate actionable insights, and gain efficiencies and consistency. For example, a survey automatically triggered by an inbound resume, completion of an assignment, or a period of inactivity on an account.

Want to know more? Watch our short demo videos?

PART 1 – 1Staff Survey Satisfaction and Sentiment Analysis with Microsoft Customer Voice

Watch our short video to see how Microsoft Customer Voice can help your staffing agency create intuitive surveys, and how to deploy them to a prospective candidate, customer or vendor.

PART 2 – 1Staff Survey Satisfaction and Sentiment Analysis with Microsoft Customer Voice

This short video shows you how to complete a survey, how intuitive the process is, and takes a look at the analytics.

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