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Why 1Staff Compliance & Electronic Onboarding?

For many staffing businesses, onboarding and compliance are a significant cost of doing business. Internal and external credentialing, orchestrating onboarding tasks, and collaborating with all the critical stakeholders are typically addressed with (numerous) spreadsheets and emails. With all of these different places to store, create and collaborate, it is difficult to be sure you have the most accurate and updated information.

With the help of 1Staff Compliance & Electronic Onboarding, we will increase your productivity while decreasing duplicate efforts.

Professional Advantage offers a single solution, 1Staff. Leveraging the Microsoft platform, 1Staff delivers a single platform from prospecting to financials. Read more about 1Staff Staffing Compliance & Electronic Onboarding Software.

Additional Features

Auto Matching – 1Staff can automatically search your candidate database and add candidates to a job based on your criteria. The recruiter then has a list of candidates to review.

Job Board Applications – 1Staff can automatically create a new candidate and application if a person applies on a job board.

Universal Submittal – 1Staff can create a formatted resume with automatic attachments of related documents (licenses, certifications, etc.)

ESS Portal – Candidates can review and complete outstanding compliance items with no recruiter intervention.

Assess Tests – Rank and review candidates’ skills using official assessment tests via Assess – over 1300 tests with everything from Accounting to Woodworking.

Automate your Onboarding and Compliance

Our cloud or server-based approach delivers a seamless and flexible experience synthesizing these critical tasks and integrations into your Front Office processes.

With the guidance and feedback from the Staffing Industry, Professional Advantage developed a powerful rules engine to monitor what is required at every step at the hiring process. Rules can be configured by customer, position, state/province, worksite, employee type, hiring stage.

When assigning a new candidate you may have a number of steps to complete. 1Staff ensures all needed (or necessary) steps are tracked and visible to your team.

For example, when someone is starting a new at job ABC Staffing, they may need to complete a non-disclosure, background check, and a drug test. Some steps can take place later in candidate processing. For example, maybe you want to schedule a drug test before a background check so you don’t have to pay for a background check if they fail the drug test.

1Staff also tracks if a document has already been completed for a different job in the past. For example, if a candidate recently completed a background check for a previous job and it hasn’t expired, you may be able to use it again.

Top 5 Features

  1. Automated Reminders. 1Staff will automatically alert team members for expiring items.
  2. 1Staff eSigning. Write back into the system through 1Staff eSigning (ex. Changing dependants on a W4).
  3. Separate Repository. Store more sensitive documents in a separate repository with different security settings.
  4. Attachments. 1Staff provides the ability to attach documents to customer submittals (Universal Submittal).
  5. Candidate Search. Sort candidates based on completion % of onboarding

About 1Staff – Staffing & recruitment software for the staffing industy.

1Staff is a staffing software solution built specifically for the staffing industry. 1Staff Front Office is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. 1Staff Back Office is built on Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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