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Achieve More with 1Staff Imaging.

Accelerate your Invoicing Process with 1Staff Imaging.

Why 1Staff Imaging?

Do you have customers that require timesheets and/or expenses be attached to their invoice?

Do you find that you’re digging through paper timesheets, emails or faxes (if you’re still getting them) and then manually having to attach them to the invoice?

As if staffing agency accountants don’t have a hard enough job, now customers having even more stringent invoice requirements. Not only is this time consuming, but it’s laborious. With 1Staff Imaging you can increase efficiency and improve customer service.

Reduce your teams’ papercuts while increasing efficiencies and customer service with 1Staff Imaging.

Getting timesheets from temps and contractors can be difficult. We make invoicing and getting paid easy.

Why do you need 1Staff Imaging?

Imaging allows your team to enter time from an image and then link that image of the timesheet to an invoice.

We know that you don’t need to provide timesheets or supporting documents (i.e. receipts) for all your customers and most Staffing Agencies don’t send out attachments (images) until the customer asks. With 1Staff Imaging, all the information is easy to locate can be sent immediately as soon as you need it.

We also see Staffing Agencies send out 100 page invoices, with the customer changing how the invoice reads. With 1Staff Imaging, Staffing Agencies can easily customize how these invoices are viewed (i.e. four on a page or sorted a certain way).

Top 8 Features of 1Staff Imaging

  1. Link timesheets & reciepts effortlessly to invoices
  2. Allows teams to enter time from an image
  3. Choose what documents your customers recieve
  4. Send out attachments easily
  5. Resort invoice order
  6. Unlimited invoice frequencies and formats
  7. Flexible invoice layouts & design
  8. Multiple logos/layouts can be used in the same 1Staff company

About 1Staff – Staffing & recruitment software for the staffing industy.

1Staff is a staffing software solution built specifically for the staffing industry. 1Staff Front Office is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. 1Staff Back Office is built on Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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