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7 Signs Your ATS Is Failing You

by Nov 6, 2015

It might have been a while since you did a health check on your ATS. At Professional Advantage we specialize in enabling high performing staffing organizations through technology. Our clients have turned to us to help improve the technology they use to drive their business. While each client we work with is unique, there are some things we see again and again. Here are the top things executives ask me if 1Staff can fix:

1Staff Collaboration Sign1. It’s hard to Collaborate. Staffing is a team sport; we see many organizations coming to us saying one team doesn’t know what the other is doing and there isn’t a way to support a customer-centric organization. Best of breed collaboration tools go a long way to enabling our clients’ teams.

1Staff Visibility Sign2. Lack of Visibility. We often have clients who have multiple solutions that don’t talk to each other. There might be pockets of reporting and analytics but not a single version of the truth on key performance indicators across the business.

Many execs I speak to are looking for better access to data, the ability to ask questions of your organization’s data, and easily identifiable insights to help guide decision-making.

1Staff Front Office & Back Office3. Front and back office systems don’t talk. This happens to be my favorite one to solve. I don’t think I will ever tire from the satisfaction I get when we implement our integrated front to back office solution, or when we integrate one of our solutions with something else a client is using and eliminate re-keying of data.

1Staff Find the right candidate sign4. It’s slow to find the right candidate. In the war for talent the difference between placing a candidate and missing out can be hours and in some case minutes. Clunky search and poor data can make recruiters’ jobs difficult. Your ATS needs to be intuitive and fast.

1Staff - 1 System for your entire team5. People don’t like using your system. If the grumbles and groans of your users are loud and persistent, or hearing new starters talking about a system they used in a previous job is like hearing your grandparent reminisce about the good old days before the internet, you have a problem.

1Staff Onboarding and compliance6. Onboarding and compliance takes some heavy lifting. If you are still manually sending onboarding, information, have paper based compliance or spend time manually updating compliance information, unfortunately you’re not alone. Automating onboarding and compliance can greatly reduce the effort and free up time for more value add activities.

1Staff technology for the staffing world7. Your technology doesn’t match how your team works. If your team is mobile but your solution isn’t then you don’t want the barrier of having to wait until team members are back in the office for updates.

Like most organizations, our clients have complex businesses and demand easy configuration without having to rely on a consultant, or worse still, change a business process to meet a technology limitation.  Flexible adaptable technology is the way to unlock efficiency.

If you struggle with more than one of these, don’t worry.  We’re here to help.  To find out how 1Staff can help avoid the perils of the 7 deadly signs listed above take a look at Go1Staff.com >>

Interested in 1Staff?

Learn more about how 1Staff can improve your staffing business.

Interested in 1Staff?

Learn more about how 1Staff can improve your staffing business.