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Fast and accurate time collection is critical for any on-time payroll run. With WebTime, 1Staff customers have a secure web-based or mobile capable solution built for the unique needs of staffing.

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Professional Advantage offers a single solution, 1Staff. Leveraging the Microsoft platform, 1Staff delivers a single platform from prospecting to financials.

Achieve More with 1Staff Imaging

Accelerate your invoicing process with 1Staff Imaging. 1Staff Imaging allows your team to enter time from an image and then link that image of the timesheet to an invoice.

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Microsoft Launches free AI courses for Business Leaders

Microsoft Launches free AI courses for Business Leaders

Fresh off the heels of the SIA Executive Forum, where Artificial Intelligence was a key topic, Microsoft has launched an AI Business School. Microsoft's AI Business School These AI specific courses are designed to help you learn...

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