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Regulatory Technology

Regulatory technology is not what it used to be. From a rarely recognized term to buzz phrase, regulatory and compliance technology is the hot new kid on the technology block.


Today in recruitment and staffing, a company’s manual processes exist that were shaped around the limitations of excel spreadsheets – sharing sheets between changing workers who updated cells after manually confirming whether a task is complete, in progress or yet to be started.


In a typical day scores of recruiters, sales or accountants double-enter information, wondering not only where the document went, did they send one or receive the other, spending time on administrative processes, updating departments with no visibility, but wondering also where the day went.


There is an alternative!


What if there was a central place the documents and status’ could be automatically updated and kept track of, a place where one process triggers another and alerts humans when intelligent intervention is required?


1Staff Front Office


1Staff is a Compliance and Applicant Tracking System with CRM based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. The technology simplifies the onboarding process and compliance management in organisations which bulk hire or have vast onboarding requirements by managing the applicants and documents, expiries, verifications, vendors and contractors.

1Staff gives complete compliance overview by account or candidate and integrates with DocuSign to enable candidates to submit signed documents online. It also features workflows by roles (for example Healthcare, Technology or Government), or brand, straightforward custom reporting and performance dashboards by team or role.

Candidates can access their documents via a portal at any time and it can also be used to store rates & fees / invoice information.

1Staff manages applicants’ documentation by securely storing the documents (for example identity, right to work documents), automating the action to send reminders about which documents / tasks need to be completed next, can facilitate auto reminders on approaching expiry, and manages overall documentation for your database of providers.

1Staff has helped staffing companies eliminate the use of spreadsheets in the onboarding process which can only be accessed / changed by a limited group: Microsoft is leading the way in GDPR and 1Staff gives you the ability to integrate your email campaigns into the CRM along with texts, client / candidate notes, email (through Outlook) and compliance documents stored securely in a server to which you can restrict access to sensitive information using security roles, granting access individually or by team.

Currently we work with more than 100 customers globally and I would be delighted to share our experience advising leading recruitment companies create change through technology, as well as understand your requirements in particular.

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