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Our 1Staff clients

We have found 1Staff to be an incredibly powerful and flexible system for our business. It’s open platform and ability to work with third party tools allows us to develop it specifically for our needs.

Brad Taylor

CIO, Eastridge Workforce Solutions

With 1Staff Front and Back Office we’re able to process up to 40,000 timesheet transactions weekly. We’ve also been able to automate about 90% of our time collection through the use of 1Staff Web Time and utilizing 1Staff timesheet import functionality. Additionally, we were able to reduce the time required to prepare and distribute invoices by over 90%. The previous “match and attach” of invoice to timesheet detail was completely eliminated and automated by the use of 1Staff’s Time Entry Express, WebTime, PDF Invoice generation, and the Invoice Emailing process using native Outlook functionality.

Impellam has been able to streamline and automate the management of local payroll taxes via the integration from 1Staff Back Office with Symmetry, which makes operating in all 50 states much easier! We’ve partnered with Professional Advantage and Avalara to develop an integration to simplify the maintenance of Sales Tax.

The powerful Compliance & Onboarding engine of 1Staff Front Office allows us to meet the needs of our clients’ extreme peak season. By making the onboarding process completely paperless via 1Staff Compliance and their integration with DocuSign, we are able to efficiently onboard over 3,000 workers in a matter of weeks. 1Staff Compliance & Onboarding allows our recruiters to focus on what they are good at – recruiting! And because 1Staff Compliance automatically keeps our workers and candidates compliant, we often have a work-ready pool of candidates to quickly meet our clients’ needs.

Ana Minter

Director, ERP Systems, Impellam Group North America

Implementing 1Staff has given us a fully integrated system providing CRM, ATS, Job Board, Compliance and Back Office Functions (AR, AP and GL) that I feel gives us a significant competitive advantage in a highly competitive marketplace. 1Staff enables our Team Members to be highly efficient and productive and ensures our processes are followed and maintained.

Mike Siegel

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, All Medical Personnel

Impellam North America have been running the 1Staff Front and Back Office solution since May of 2013. Our selection of the 1Staff Front Office platform was largely driven by our need to quickly deliver a functional solution to our 200 plus field based recruiters. The direction to leverage Microsoft Dynamics GP and 1Staff Back office had been made in advance of selecting a front-office platform.

Unfortunately, the decision makers at the time did not realize the complicated nature of building a synchronous integration to our prior home grown recruiting package. We turned to our partners at Professional Advantage and quickly began to scope, design and build a project plan for the 1Staff front office. Within 8 months of our initial meeting we had all 30 locations and 250 plus recruiters operating on the fully integrated solution. Over the past 3 years we have partnered closely with Professional Advantage to enhance the recruiting platform and deliver additional value and efficiencies to our field locations. With 1Staff we now have a best in class compliance and on-boarding engine and single point of entry for candidates and employees.

Michael D. Bixler

CIO and Managing Director, Impellam Group North America

Parker Staffing Services was the first company in the Jackson Healthcare family of companies to implement 1Staff Back Office to replace another staffing software package. Parker Staffing is a unique company in our portfolio of companies in that it is not a medical staffing company and it specifically serves the western Washington State area. Parker Staffing Services has been successfully enjoying 1Staff Back Office for several years in conjunction with Bullhorn front office.

As our company has added new lines of staffing business, we have implemented 1Staff Back Office for them, including Jackson Health IT, a nationwide healthcare IT staffing firm. Now, for our largest implementation of 1Staff Back Office, we are migrating, a national medical staffing firm, to 1Staff Back Office and integrating it with a front office.

Putting 1Staff’spayroll and invoicing functionality directly in our Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting software means that our accounting staff will have minimal work reconciling between systems and will have the information they need to do their jobs without working in multiple systems. 1Staff makes our company more efficient and able to handle our growth in the medical staffing industry.

Trevor Stumpf, CPA

Director, Accounting Systems , Jackson Healthcare

EmCare selected 1Staff and Microsoft Dynamics® CRM as their consolidated solution.

1Staff and Microsoft Dynamics CRM allowed us to combine multiple solutions into a single platform. 1Staff’s applicant tracking, compliance and onboarding functionality was deployed to hundreds of users across all of our EmCare divisions. The suite of 1Staff front office functionality also includes sales and marketing, and we plan on utilizing these tools in the future.

Since 1Staff runs on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform it has given us the ability to automate our recruiting and onboarding process with powerful workflows for compliance and credentialing which includes an out-of-the-box integration with DocuSign. It has also given us the ability to easily integrate our marketing automation and demand generation.

Not only is 1Staff flexible and easy to use, the agile platform has enabled our team to provide business solutions quickly.

Abbas Asadi

VP of Information Technology, EmCare


The combination of the lower total cost of ownership and the fact that Dynamics GP for Staffing was a better fit requiring less customization and risk made the decision to go with Microsoft Dynamics GP very easy.

Our project was very successful and in fact came in under budget and the users like the results.

Damen Ng

Chief Financial Officer, Design Group Staffing Inc.

The 1Staff platform allows for extreme flexibility as well as probably the best compliance system I have ever seen.

Their software is fully integrated with DocuSign which can be used to send out compliance documents, they have an awesome rule based compliance system that can notify of expiring documents, stop assignments, ensure we have the required documents before the candidate starts work, and so much more.

Beau Lewis

IT Support, Health Carousel

We started using 1Staff Back Office in Feb 2008 (formerly called PAM) and have been a very satisfied customer ever since.  1Staff Back Office has automated several key back office processes which allowed us to keep the same number of support staff as we grew from payrolling 300 temps each month to 1200 temps over a 3-year period.  More importantly, we have not had any major issues with our system, up time is almost 100% and the few times when we needed technical support, they always responded professionally and timely.  1Staff has been a true business partner and their products have helped improve our ability to provide superior customer service as well as increase our bottom line.

Enrico Gonzalo

Chief Financial Officer, APR Consulting, Inc.

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